Arne Bard Dalhaug

Arne B. Dalhaug has a long and distinguished career behind him in the Norwegian Armed Forces, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, and in NATO. He was promoted Brigadier General in 2000 and since that time he has occupied several high-level positions. When 911 took place, Dalhaug was Head of Operations and Management in the Joint Staff and on behalf of the Chief of Defence responsible for planning and conduct of operations. As a two-star, Dalhaug was Head of Department for Defence Policy and Long-Term Planning in the Ministry of Defence. His first position as a three-star was Chief of Defence Staff/Deputy Chief of Defence. Later he served three years as the Norwegian Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee and three years as Commandant NATO Defense College. After Dalhaug retired from the military, he served three years in a senior management position for the OSCE in the non-government controlled area in eastern Donbas in Ukraine. Dalhaug is now working as an independent expert on NATO-Russia and conflicts in the post-Soviet space writing articles and giving interviews. 

Dalhaug is a graduate from the US Army Command and General Staff College and from the US Army War College. He has worked at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs specialising in conventional disarmament, arms control, and confidence-building measures. Dalhaug has a BA degree in political science and East-European studies from the University of Oslo.