Dr. John Bruni

Dr. John Bruni is the Founder and CEO of SAGE International (SAGE). SAGE is South Australia’s only privately operated, online, NFP geopolitical think tank and consultancy.

Operating since 2008, SAGE is recognised by the Open Think Tank Directory as one of Australia’s 35 registered think tanks. John was also on the Board of Directors of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence & Security Studies – Australia (RUSIDSS-A), an institution he had been involved with for well over two decades.

He has long-term experience in teaching international relations, politics, and security. His primary area of expertise is in defence acquisition, having authored a book on this topic: ‘On Weapons Decisions’ in 2002. He is a researcher and analyst who has and continues to work for IHS Jane’s products (UK).

Dr. Bruni also worked for the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies & Research (ECSSR), Abu Dhabi UAE, as military adviser and analyst. John has written extensively on international relations, defence and security topics published in Oxford University Press, the ECSSR, and SAGE. He has had experience in conducting seminars and workshops on interagency co-operation; terrorism; asymmetric warfare; change management (government) and geospatial intelligence in the Arabian Gulf (Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Manama). In 2015, John partnered SAGE with the RUSI of Australia to develop the impactful 2015 Sub Summit held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. In 2019, Dr. Bruni joined the Maritime/Air Systems & Technologies (MAST) Technical Conference Committee (TCC). John is the host of two successful podcasts, STRATEGIKON (IR/Security) & The Focus (Current Affairs). John is a long-time media commentator for both the South Australian and Australian media on topics including terrorism, defence, and Australia’s international relations. John has an extensive network of contacts within Australian defence industry, South Australian-based defence and space agencies, the Canberra diplomatic circuit and national and state politics.