Peter Roberts

Professor Peter Roberts’ knowledge is built on more than 20 years in the UK military, almost a decade in Think Tanks, and experience in defence industry. His career has enabled him to travel to conflict zones around the world for more than 35 years, allowing him to see patterns and continuities in how war if waged. This blend of skills and experience is niche but occasionally sought after by those with particular problems – from military leaders seeking challenge, specialist units wanting insights, to industry boards wanting to understand war and warfare as it is fought (rather than out of a doctrine publication). Peter is an occasional podcast host – not a very good one, but his guests more than make up for his inadequacies.

He remains a non-resident professor of modern war at Ecole de Guerre in Paris, a senior associate fellow at RUSI, a member of The Alphen Group, and an associate of the Pacific Forum. Through these agencies as well as his consulting and media work, Peter engages with around 17,000 military personnel each year around the world on a face-to-face basis, and an on-line audience of in excess of nearly 500k.